This is my Backpacking project I did for school in May 2013. I came up with the Idea , Did the writing, set up the shots, and edited the video.

This is my music video from school . The song was chosen by the teacher , the group agreed on the ideas , most of the filming was done by Rob and Joe , but I was a big part of the editing.

This is the first project at school that we used the cameras,and lights . We filmed at Jordan’s house , the goal was to come up with a commercial for something , so as a group we agreed on a plan and made it happen . The man on the left is my cousin John , whom i talked into going to school with me.

This was the 3 min movie we did for school. The line about the blue Margaritas, The cane, and the old man were manditory, and it had to be a mystery. The group came up with an idea , went to shoot, and the next day ( due to lack of over half of the group) we started over. With a skeleton crew ,we came up with a new idea, shot the video,and edited it in 2 days. I ran the camera for the whole video, but had nothing to do with the graphics, VO, or title .


One thought on “VIDEO

  1. Chris says:

    enjoyed your comercials!! You did a great on the streaker one…lol

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